Precision Heater Blanket™ Technology

As more composite materials are being used in products, the need for new, repair and manufacturing tools has become greater. PCK Technology, Inc. has developed an efficient manufacturing system to fulfill this need with a complete line of composite heat curing blankets.

Using PCK’s patented wire embedding technology, resistance wires are automatically bonded onto silicone rubber at precise, predetermined paths using NC driven equipment. One of the advantages of using this manufacturing technique is the ability to use small AWG resistance wires at tight spacing (0.012” inches) resulting in Uniform heat distribution. This capability and automation in turn produces high quality heater blankets with a shorter delivery time.

PCK’s automated technique requires no special tooling fixtures for heater blankets (any size or shape). This assures faster delivery time for popular and custom designed blankets usually between one to two weeks from receipt of the order in most sizes. There is minimal design charges. Please note we can produce heating blankets up to 24" x 24". Large quantity orders can be scheduled on a spaced delivery basis with initial quantities shipped shortly after receipt of the purchase order.







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